Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Cat

Cats are unpredictable by nature. Unlike dogs that are very sociable, cats can be very mischievous and a total snob. However, even with their unlikeable traits, there are a lot of good reasons why you should consider getting a cat.


Reason #1: They are low-key funny

Yes, cats are low-key hilarious. They do a lot of random things that will make you laugh. For instance, cats will randomly dance or leap because of their fascination over an object or simply a speck of dust. They will try to annoy you to get your attention but instead of being annoyed with their actions, you’ll find yourself laughing at it. These actions could include:

  • Sitting on your computer keyboard while you are working.
  • Climbing on you while you are in the kitchen.
  • Knocking objects over off of the shelves and tables.

Also, you can’t miss their love for boxes that even with a small cereal box that you have at home, cats will try fit in, causing them to get stuck, which can be straight funny most of the time.

Reason #2: They are independent and low maintenance

Unlike dogs, cats do not need to go to the park just to keep up with their energy. Instead, they just need cat treats, some cat toys, and your cuddle (if you are blessed).

Reason #3: Cats will always keep you grounded

With their snobby personality, cats will always keep you grounded. They will remind you that you are not as mighty and awesome as you think.

Reason #4: They will keep your house and yard rodent-free

Cats are great hunters in nature. They know where their prey is hiding even in the dark. So, if you have problems with rodents at home, cats are a great choice of pet. Plus, they can bring their hunted prey at your doorstep or your bedroom door.

Reason #5: They can help reduce your stress

Cats have the ability to know when their owners or human parents are not feeling well. Even with their unlikeable and mischievous behavior, cats are loving animals. They can help relieve your stress and anxiety. In fact, according to studies, petting a cat can help release endorphins – a hormone that can make you feel relaxed and feel good.

Also, with their playful and caring personality, cats can help you with your depression.

Reason #6: Cats are good babysitters

Despite their too cuddly behavior, cats are great companions for toddlers and children of all ages. In fact, they can babysit your child, especially when you are in the kitchen. If you do not believe, try checking videos about babies and cats on the internet and you’ll be very surprised.

If you do not have cats right now and planning to adopt one or two, try to visit this page to learn more about cats.

Final Thoughts

Cats may have unlikeable personality, but trust this post, adopting a cat or two right now will brighten up your boring life. They are friendly, cuddly, low-key funny, and will love you like they own you.