Top Things to Look for When Buying a Canopy Tent

It is that time of the year that you need to plan your next-get-together ahead, including your contingency plans for weather conditions that you may face; this is the reason why you need a good canopy tent that will keep you and the entire family or the guest from the harsh and unpredictable weather.


If in case you are currently looking for a new and reliable canopy tent, here are the top things you need to look for when investing in a quality-made canopy tent.

  1. The size of the canopy tent

One of the basic, yet essential factors to consider before buying a canopy tent is finding the right size.

Most of the tents are designed with an overhead cover and four equal legs; however, they vary in sizes. The common tent sizes that you can find in the market today are the 12’ x 12’, the 10’ x 10’, and other available that are reliable and durable.

Also, do not forget to emphasize the number of guests that are happy to join your get together this New Year.

  1. The materials used

The frame of the canopy tent is critical to the overall foundation of the tent; this is why you need to purchase a tent that is constructed from quality materials.

The most common materials that are used as frames are either from aluminum or from steel. The two types of frames have their own pros and cons; for instance, while the steel is considered to be strong and durable against a strong wind, some of these types can easily corrode. Fortunately, there are steel-based frames that are coated with black powder to protect the steel from corrosion or rust.

A canopy tent with aluminum-based frames, on the other hand, is lighter and faster to set up; however, these types are not able to handle harsh weather conditions such as too much wind and too much rain.

Also, the materials for the overhead cover should be durable, thick, and water-resistant. You may find two common materials used for the canopy tents – the water-resistant polyester and the polyester, coated with vinyl.

  1. Check out added features

If you want a reliable canopy tent, you must not overlook its added features; for instance:

  • Does it have detachable sidewalls for privacy reasons?
    •    Can you purchase the canopy tent with carrying cases?
    •    Is it designed with spring technology that allows you to set up the tent on your own?

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Final Thoughts

Pop-up canopy tents are now becoming popular due to most of its designs; while there are several options to choose from, it would be smart to make use of the above-mentioned tips and advice on how to look for the right canopy tent for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next get-together, including which canopy tent should you buy.