Understanding Cats: Top Cat Behaviors to Uncover

Cats are one of the mysterious beings on earth. Unlike dogs, it is not easy to understand cats.

Top Cat Behaviors

So, to unfold their mysterious behavior, here are the top cat behaviors that you should know to understand them well.

#1: Rubbing its head on you

Behaviorists define rubbing of your cat’s head on you, is a sign of affection, saying hello, and or ownership over you. The “bunting” or rubbing of the head will cause the release of pheromones, leaving its scent on you and marking you as his territory – a pride that you are his.

#2: Kneading

If your cat presses its pawn on you and massages you back and forth, the cat shows he or she is happy with you. Also, behaviorists believe that kneading is a sign that your cat is trying to calm itself or trying to alleviate stress. The reason behind this behavior, according to behaviorists, is their primary instinct that resurges from way back to their earliest nursing days as kittens. Kittens do this to encourage milk production on their mother’s mammary gland. And as adults, the cats do this to show how happy and contented he or she is.

Also, it’s a compliment that your cat reminds him or her of its mother.

#3: Tries to fit in inside a container

“If it fits, it sits”

Cats are flexible. They can fit almost anywhere, even containers with tight spaces – a behavior that never fails to amaze their human companions. But did you know that when a cat tries to fit inside a box or container with a small space, it can make them feel secure? Their feline instinct tells them so.

According to behaviorists, cats have an instinct to hide when they feel threatened or unprotected, or susceptible to predators. Also, cats have the instinct to ambush, and hiding inside a small-spaced area will allow them to observe and predict the right time to ambush their prey.

#4: Drinking water from your glass

If you think that your cat is trying to prank you by drinking water on your unattended glass, in some cases, they are not. Aside from cats love to splash water with their paws, cats love to drink fresh water. And the best way to get fresh water is to drink it from their human companion’s unattended glass with water. To avoid this from happening, try to invest in water fountains for your cats.

#5: Excessive meowing

If you find your cat suddenly becomes very vocal, you should immediately visit a vet. It could be a sign of call of distress, where it tries to tell you something is wrong with its health. However, if no health problems were found, the excessive meowing is probably caused by your cat’s intense curiosity and its willingness to play with you. If this happens, which rarely does happen, you should take that opportunity and play with your cat.

Final Thoughts

Learning more about cats and kittens is a fun thing to do. So, do not stop discovering all of their behaviors, even the smallest ones.

As cat pet parents, understanding their behavior is one of the responsibilities that shouldn’t be overlooked.