Useful Tips on Buying Affordable Model of Stereo Tube Amplifier

Amplifiers bring life into stereos and loudspeakers. And even the smallest of its types, having the right tube amplifier set somewhere in its structure, it is guaranteed to produce clearer quality sound. 

Model of Stereo Tube Amplifier

If you are currently looking for an affordable model of a stereo tube for your amplifier but have no luck at this moment, you have to keep in mind that not all quality-grade stereo tube for amps are affordable; some are relatively expensive. Fortunately, there are well-reviewed models of affordable tube amp models today that are worth purchasing.

To ensure that you are purchasing the right model, here are a few useful tips that you can use as a guide:

Tip #1: Know the different types of tubes

There are several types of stereo tubes that you can use on your amp. Each of these types has specifics that can cause an impact on the amplifier’s performance. Before you pick any model of a stereo tube, you should check these tubes if it is the right model to choose:

  • 6J1 – Produces clear and fluid tone.
  • 6J5 – A common portable tube amp that produces gritty loud sounds.
  • 6550 – Produces clean sound but will quickly jump to gritty just halfway to maximum volume.
  • EL34 – Produces an aggressive and powerful sound, which makes this an ideal for metal and hard rock music.
  • KT66 – Produces smooth sound on a higher tone with fluid tone and more dynamic than 6J5.
  • KT77 – Produces compressed sound and can be categorized in the middle of 6J1 and KT66.
  • KT88 – Produces ultra-clean sound and clear tones with no sign of distortion.
  • EL84 – Produces gritty and grainy roar and is considered as one of the popular tubes for guitar.

Tip #2: Check its construction

Most stereo tube amps are expensive. So, when you purchase one, make sure that it is made from quality materials that can last longer.

Tip #3: Consider the power rating and the size of the speaker

How will you use the speaker?

The power rating and the size of the speaker that you choose for your amp will depend on how you will use the speaker. For instance, solid-state units with power ratings of 10 – 30 watts at 8-inch or 10-inch-sized speakers are usually known as a practice amp. If you are going to play at a small-sized venue or do some rehearsals, you should consider a tube with power ratings at 50 watts and a 12-inch-sized speaker. And if you are going to play at a larger venue, you should choose a tube with 100 watts and up for its power ratings. Also, use combo amps that have pairs of 12 inches size of speakers.

Other features to consider:

Choose a stereo tube amp that has other useful features, including:

  • Reverb units
  • Effect loops
  • Channel switching
  • Built-in effects

Lastly, check the price.

Is it worth purchasing?

If the features and the overall structure tell you that the stereo tube amplifier is worth purchasing, then you should consider purchasing it. However, if still in doubt, check reliable and honest reviews about the amplifier you are planning to purchase and see if it is worth your money. You may start researching at Top Tube Amplifier’s website today.