Uses of Handheld Steamers You Don’t Know About

Uses of Handheld Steamers You Don’t Know About

A handheld steamer is a handy tool that is popular for people who do a lot of traveling, whether for leisure, business, or work. Because of its small size and low weight, it is easy to pack and carry around. Definitely, it is a godsend product since you can keep your clothes wrinkle-free even after you remove them from the traveling bag. No more awkward ways of carrying business suits, pants, and dresses that is placed in hangers!


The growth in their production is continuous because even homeowners have considered purchasing handheld steamers since they are not just useful for clothes but also for curtains, bed sheets, and carpets. To add more, all these items can be straightened without the need of removing them from the rods, bed, or floor.

But, did you know that handheld steamers are not just merely “fabric straightening or sanitizing” tools? They can do a lot of wonders in your home and we will run you through some of those.

Other Uses of Handheld Steamers

Kitchen Appliance Maintenance

We understand that for the longest time, maintaining kitchen appliances have been the most daunting and time-consuming task at home. This is also something that you should not ignore since food remnants will lead to bacterial, parasitic, and fungal growth. Surprisingly, a handheld garment steamer can make some jobs in the kitchen easier, particularly your oven.

Your oven is often exposed to oil, melted chocolate, and many other things that can easily stick to the surfaces. Definitely, these are all hard to remove as it requires you to use a sponge, brush, wet and dry cloth, and special cleaning solutions. But, remember, a garment steamer produces “steam” which is technically hot air with moisture.

As such, when you use focus the steam coming from steamer to the dirty surfaces, the dirt will easily come off refraining you from further brushing and scrubbing them.

Car Cleaning and Sanitizing

Car vacuum cleaners have long been introduced so that you can save some money from going to the car wash shop. Of course, vacuum cleaners are just meant to remove dust and solid objects in your car, so some people have tried using handheld garment steamers. Why is this so?

Do keep in mind that steamers have been used to spot clean carpets and rugs; in fact, according to here: , some of the best units can effectively remove stains. Since your car is prone to beverage and food spills, which might stain the seat and floor matting, the garment steamer can also do wonders!

In contrast with vacuum cleaners that suck objects, handheld garment steamers releases hot steam which can also help sanitize the car from top to bottom, even the tiniest of spaces that cannot be reached by your handy vacuums.


Handheld steamers are definitely versatile appliances that are worthy enough to be part of your cleaning tools! Do take some time though to carefully evaluate the model and brand that you plan to buy. Comparing two to three units would be best. Good luck!