What is the Difference between HEPA FILTER and True HEPA Filter?

One of the factors buyers consider when searching for an air purifier is the unit’s filtration system. It is a system of filters that removes air impurities that are detrimental to health. Using this technology is how air purifiers can eliminate harmful airborne particles and support air quality.


As you keep on searching, you’ll notice that some air purifiers have the so-called HEPA filter. Meanwhile, other units feature a True HEPA filter. Now, is there a difference between these two?

HEPA vs True HEPA Filter

Take note that HEPA and true HEPA are not the same, even though they are both filters. There is a big difference between the two. Understand their difference by reading this comparison.

What is a HEPA Type Filter?

A HEPA based filter is the standard type of filtration system commonly used in air purifiers and AC. This technology can capture particles as small as 2 microns. Hence, it can get rid of allergens in the air, such as dust and pollens, with 99% efficiency.

HEPA-type filters are usually made of thin fiberglass; however, it is lesser in density. For this reason, the particles that are smaller than 2 microns like bacteria can sneak pass the filter.

This type of filter is rated between 13-16 MERV. Hence, it is useful but unable to remove finer air impurities. A HEPA-type filter is also found in less advanced air purifiers.

What is a True HEPA filter?

A true-HEPA filter is a genuine HEPA filter that can capture particles measuring 0.003 microns. Premium true HEPA filters have an efficiency of 99.99%. Therefore, it can absorb even finer particles like germs.

True-HEPA filters are rated 17-20 MERV since even the smallest particles can’t pass through the filter.

With these facts, true-HEPA filters are more efficient in capturing particles. It can remove all types of air impurities and assure only clean air circulates in the room. Moreover, it can keep your family safe and healthy by improving air quality. It reduces the risk of respiratory problems, allergy attacks, and even viral infections.

However, true-HEPA filters are more expensive rather than HEPA based type of filters. Although it is higher in price, you can guarantee the quality and efficiency of such a filtration system.

If you are trying to search for a good air purifier, always look for units featuring a true-HEPA filter.

Additional Advice

Take note that an air purifier’s filtration system is only one of the several key aspects you have to consider. Other factors you need to remember are air purifier’s size, performance, durability, and convenience. Likewise, consider your preferences to secure a good investment.

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