What to Consider When Buying a Staple Gun for Home Use

1The Internet has opened up a new world for everyone who’s using it on a daily basis. The availability of information made it easy to learn new things. All it takes is resourcefulness, genuine interest, and a good connection. Which is why some of the rather difficult things to do in the household, which are usually done by a hired professional, can now be done by homeowners with relative ease. Of course, expecting a quality of work parallel to an experienced professional is stretching it. But not apparently when it comes to fixing broken furniture and upholstery. It’s interesting to note that by simply having a staple gun in the home; homeowners can put together broken pieces of wooden or even plastic furniture. A staple gun is a flexible tool, not to mention that its capability to hold parts together is just as strong as nails.

Do note, however, that buying one shouldn’t be a whimsical thing. Before rushing to the local store to purchase a staple gun, there are several things to take note of to avoid buying ones that are not ideal for household use.

  1. Pneumatic or electric.

Staple guns discharge staples at a relatively impressive power with equally as impressive precision. What powers this is either pneumatic or electricity. Of the two, most people consider electric-powered staple guns to be the better option, and for compelling reasons, in fact. What turns people off from a pneumatic staple gun is mostly its air compressor. It’s a device that’s separate yet connected to a hose. So moving around with it is going to be a nuisance. Not to mention that pneumatic staple guns are quite jarring because of the noise. Perhaps the only thing going for it is that it’s easier to do maintenance work and with fewer instances where maintenance is needed.

  • Size

Choosing the right size of staple gun for the average fixing needed in the home is necessary. Large staple guns sure can handle large fixing jobs, but it’s not ideal for fixing small items in the home. Conversely, smaller staple guns won’t be able to hold together large parts of a furniture since they can’t house large staples. Fortunately, it’s easy to sift through the options because stores label staple guns that are appropriate for upholstery use as ‘upholstery staple gun’. Though buyers are advised to adjust and either goes for a larger one or smaller, depending on their specific use case in the home.

  1. Brand


Choosing staple guns by choosing between brands sounds like a capitalist ploy. However, there’s a good reason why some brands are popular and are regarded by most professionals as the go-to for their tools. Brands that take care of their branding are more stringent with quality control in order to avoid large and costly backlashes. Nevertheless, it would be best to supplement this by going to review sites and read up on the best upholstery staple guns for the money they’re willing to shell out. All in all, the brand is merely one consideration alongside price range, availability and build quality.