Why You Need to Get a Video Surveillance System

Notice that most establishments, including government offices, private companies, and other public facilities have cameras installed in corners, entrances, and exits of the building. These cameras act as the facility’s security surveillance system.


As the name suggests, a surveillance system is a technology that keeps an eye on the establishment. It can cover blind spots inside a building or a residential unit that intruders use to hide. Hence, it offers extra protection and peace of mind. Also, there’s no need to fill the building or a home with security guards to assure protection from intruders.

The most common form of a security surveillance system is a video surveillance system. It consists of two categories, which include NVR (network video recorder) and DVR (digital video recorder). Each one of these video surveillance systems has different features. If you want to find out the difference between nvr vs dvr, look for details here at Phenom Security.

Now, many people ask if it is important to install video surveillance systems when there is already a security team protecting the establishment. Moreover, what difference it can make when the house already has locks protection.

Obviously, the difference is quite vast.

The Advantages of Video Security Surveillance System

#1 Heightened Security

A video surveillance system is not a replacement for security personnel. It supports and helps the security team in assuring the building’s protection, as well as the people inside the establishment.

Consequently, video surveillance systems heighten the sense of security of a workplace or home.

#2 Increased Productivity

Adding a surveillance system inside a workplace is effective in improving the productivity of employees.

Employees are well-aware that they are being recorded. Therefore, they tend to work more and avoid wasting time knowing that someone is watching them.

#3 Reduces the Risk of Crimes

Intruders mostly pick workplaces and homes without surveillance systems. The lack or absence of surveillance means they won’t get caught. And, there is minimal evidence about the crime.

Heightened security with the help of surveillance cameras lowers the chance of crimes. But if a crime happens, the surveillance system will aid in solving the situation and increases the chance of the intruder being caught.

Surveillance cameras are also beneficial to residences. For example, a family can go on a long vacation without worrying about their house getting robbed. Likewise, parents will feel more at ease leaving their children alone at home, or under the care of another person.

How to Get a Video Surveillance System

If you are planning to install a surveillance system in your home or business, the first thing you need to do is choose between an NVR and DVR.

As you have read from above, each one of these surveillance systems has features suitable for certain situations. For example, business establishments should choose an NVR since it is more advanced and has a greater resolution quality. But if you prefer a more affordable option for home use, you can pick a DVR surveillance camera.

Going to reliable sources like the Phenom Security will point you towards the best video surveillance systems today. Thus, if you need clarifications about this technology, this source can help you.