Why You Should Use Cruelty Free Products

From social media influencers to beauty gurus, more and more people have turned their attention towards cruelty-free cosmetics. These products, as your intuition probably tells you, are cosmetics that haven’t been tested on animals before they were released on the market. No animals were harmed in the production and testing process and still, they are perfectly safe and don’t have any side effects. In fact, cruelty-free products are much healthier than cosmetic products that were tested on animals and the explanation is very simple: they don’t contain sulfates, parabens and all sorts of dangerous chemicals. There is a much lower rate of allergies, inflammation and all sorts of other side effects associated with the use of cruelty-free products compared to unpleasant situations related to the use of cosmetics that were tested on animals.

If we haven’t convinced you that it is a very good idea to turn your attention to cruelty-free products, please check out some more detailed info here. I am sure that you will never want to use products tested on animals again.

So, it is clear that cruelty-free cosmetics are much healthier options because they don’t contain sulfates, synthetic dyes or parabens but have you also thought about the idea that using these products can teach you how to create a more mindful beauty routine? Instead of filling your bathroom drawer will all sorts of products, you will pay more attention to what you buy and in the end, you will only select top quality products that truly represent a good addition for your beauty routine. Also, we think that it is very important for you to be aware that cosmetics produced by corporate conglomerates aren’t tested only on mice. They also use rabbits, cats, even dogs and most of these animals are maimed, blinded and even killed after a life spent in a very small cage. Doesn’t this convince you to at least have a quick look at what the cruelty-free market has to offer? I am sure it does. And I also know that once you will check it out, you will be impressed with how many budget friendly options are available. Yes, most cruelty-free cosmetics are budget friendly so you can even save some money by opting for these. One more reason why you should go with cruelty-free products is that they contain ingredients that have already proved to be safe. Did you know that there are 7,000 ingredients used in cosmetics that don’t require testing anymore simply because years and years of use have shown how safe they are? So we wonder: why do so many cosmetic conglomerates still choose to do animal testing if their products contain only safe ingredients? This is a clear proof of the fact that these companies have things to hide and don’t use all the ingredients that they say they do.

There is no safer way when it comes to your beauty routine than cruelty-free so turn your attention to these products and you will not regret it. We guarantee you this!